On jackets and Europe

photo 2 x-18One Saturday afternoon, a girl needed to put on an outfit to visit her grandmother within five minutes after waking up from a two-hour nap: this is the result. On the other hand, I cannot complain about the result of this outfit. It’s chic in its own nature and by adding this classic Zara jacket, it acquires an element of confidence. But I didn’t think so until my mother got tired of saying: “Yes, it looks good!” and simply remained quiet to my questioning. Silence does speak louder than words sometimes.

But looking back at the moment I decided to put together this outfit, I have to emphasize that I thought it to be banal and somewhat mainstream, until I added the aforementioned jacket. Oh, the difference a jacket makes. This moment takes me back to my previously mentioned mission of finding a good balance between the 80-degree weather in my island and my predilection for layers and fall wardrobe. Wearing this jacket not only made me feel like I was melting, but it reassured me that I am out of place when it comes to sartorial choices. This is not Europe and jackets are not made to be worn here (Puerto Rico).

Though I have only been to Europe once, I do miss it. Maybe it’s time to go back so I can wear whatever number of jackets and layers I desire. Which leads me to the realization that I might be a European at heart. And though my love for red wine and croissants are a revelation of my predilection for Europe, it’s the stylish choices that being in Europe offers that make me want to be European. If I keep saying Europe, will I teletransport there?

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