Midnight in Paris

photo 2Gap shirt, Zara shorts and scarf and Nine West shoes. photo 1photo 3Inspiration can come from any source. Ask any artist, writer or designer. It’s often these sources of insightful inspiration that lead to creative greatness. Picasso found his lovers to be muses and Isabel Allende has always appointed women to be her greatest inspiration for their strength and passion. I haven’t defined yet a specific source of inspiration that might get me to the climax of my creativity. But the ultimate inspiration challenge comes from getting dressed every single day, just ask any budget-limited, unemployed college student. Sometimes, I wish there was a “gym chic” trend at the moment so I could rock my yoga pants everywhere I go. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

So, how can a 19-year-old with no salary finds the ability to call the muses and witness their arrival every time she gets dressed? It’s an art I haven’t mastered. On the other hand, I recently found out that watching a movie can do wonders for you. As I listened to the melodic tunes and laughed at the witty conversations of great artists, Midnight in Paris transported me to Paris (2013 Paris; not 1920’s). I suddenly felt melancholia for a place I have only visited once. The sweet smell of crepes came to me while I lied on my bed and dreamt of the time I would be in Montmartre sipping a glass of wine. I blame you, Woody Allen!

But as much as I wish I was in Paris, I don’t even have a passport to travel to a foreign land (I’ve been too lazy to renew mine!). At 1:00 am wearing stripes and balloon shorts seemed like the best option to carry a piece of Paris with me. It’s the kind of postmodern pastiche I like to implement in my wardrobe. What is fashion but a way of stepping into another character. This persona would say: “Je suis française au cœur”.

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