What mommy made

photo 1All Zara and skirt made by mommy!
photo 2 photo 4There are many benefits to having a stylish mother. First, you grow up to be equally stylish. Second, stacks of magazines are your inheritance. Third, she will most likely share clothes with you. But there’s a plus in having a mother like mine because, she’s not only stylish, but a seamstress too. Ever since I was a little kid, she’s loved dressing me up. At some point, I grew tired of feeling like a Barbie doll and started making really strong statements like wanting to be goth (I was a total rebel, rawr!). But by the end of 9th grade, I became my mother’s child again. I figured we not only share DNA but it might as well be the same.

Seeing me as desperate as I am trying to be stylish to go to school every single day, my mother decided to help. After all, she went to a similar situation when she was my age. We can relate in the least thing you can imagine. After years of not making me headbands and flower dresses, she opted for making me into her little Barbie doll again to make me a skirt fit for a 19-year-old college student. In my eyes, it worked.


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