Hump day inspiration

x-20 x-21As the weeks go by, Christmas seems to get closer and the semester keeps on bringing more and more of its packed schedules and horrible stress. Getting dressed is not as easy as it was when August came around. Almost all outfits have been worn and my creativity is lacking, for which I blame schoolwork and grownup responsibilities. To add to the situation, it’s supposed to be fall and I’m still sweating like it’s July. I love the Caribbean, but I can’t help but beg for mercy and a fall breeze. Is that too much to ask?

Whenever Wednesday arrives, a horrible mood swing gets to me in the morning. Friday seems closer but yet as further as yesterday. The promise of a test on said day blocks every inspiration I might have when getting dressed. I know you feel the same, which is why I bring you a little hump day inspiration.

Outfit #1: Bringing the city of lights to your life is easier when you have the right pieces to make you feel Parisian. French style is about simplifying elegance, something that not many have the innate talent to achieve. Only women like Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris EIC) are born with it, but others, like me, opt for harassing French girls on Google to get the perfect look. A simple t-shirt and skort (skirt/short) combination goes a long way for days when styling pieces is harder than ending world hunger (which reminds me, have you seen Michael Kors “Watch Hunger Stop” pieces? No? Go now!).  Add a fedora, glasses and simple clutch for the purpose of not wearing “just another t-shirt and skirt combo”.

Outfit #2: A rendition to fall, the season I like the most and can’t ever experience firsthand. Sweaters are possible in 90 degree weather. You should’ve watched me battling the heat in a black turtleneck yesterday. It was epic. Back to the outfit, a sweater and shorts can be styled two ways. You can look like the epitome of a chic librarian or go back to summer wearing flowers and sandals.

Now, go out there and look happier than a camel on Hump Day (get it?).

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