Hump Daaaaaay

Getting ready mid-week is one of the hardest challenges I face weekly. It sounds like a cliche and super materialistic (I know there are far more problematic concerns to be had), but it constantly f&*^s up my mornings and, often, the rest of my day. Last week, I gave you two outfits that resonated with said issue. But once again, it’s hump day (aka Wednesday) and we all need a little inspiration to get through the reminiscence of this week. Don’t worry, only two day till the weekend!

Outfit #1: With this one, I’m assuming you work from home or other non-traditional environment or are still in college. The loose shorts will get you around with comfort and ease without compromising your chicness. They may look like gym shorts, but paired with a Marc Jacobs watch and black tote bag, you will want to look like you had been working on your legs all morning. Keep the sporty style with sneaker wedges: the most trendy variation of (sort of) sport shoes.

Outfit #2: For those professionals out there, who have to follow certain corporate dressing guidelines, here’s the option of the week. Pair strappy sandals with a vibrant skirt. To keep the professional vibe, wear a neutral colored shirt. We don’t want you to look like a circus tent on an editorial meeting.

Outfit #3: The creative ones are sure to love this one because it follows no code of wardrobe but appeals to an artistically trained eye. A skort (skirt plus short, get it?) is great for avoiding fashion malfunctions of the wind nature. Add a bit of color (so, you keep the creative thing going) by wearing a simple but colored shoe.

I’m liking this “Here’s some inspiration. Take it!” thing. So, while we are at it, why don’t we make it a weekly series? Hump Day comes every 7 days and so will my inspiring collages now!



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