French’s Diary

The Weekend 

1. Shopping with the the cousins 

2. Pizza in my island 

3. Three King’s Eve

4. Christmas Weekend 

5. Girl’s Weekend 

6. Coffee & family

7. Thank God It’s the Holidays

8. Je Suis Francais  Au Coeur 

9. Christmas Decorations 

10. The Weekend #1 


1. Hello Bombshell! 

2. On Wanting to be Blair Waldorf

3. Le Tour De Teen Vogue 

4. Empire State of Teen Vogue 

5. Trick or Treat 

Eating Time 

1. Argentinian Date Night 

2. Das Pastellhaus 

Essays & reflections

1. 2013 Resolutions 

2. I was born a journalist 


1. En mi Viejo San Juan 


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