Women are from Venus and men are from Mars

… or so I’ve heard.

Picture via Harper’s Bazaar

Just today, I was having a debate with my boyfriend. We have a type of this conversation now and then. It usually involves politics, economics, today’s juvenile generation or ways of blackmailing his mom into getting him a dog (just kidding). But today, we ended up talking about women and their beauty rituals.

It’s funny how I’ve never really put any thought into it. I was just initiated into this beauty tribe without any contract or pact. It just came with being a female. If you count having a super glamorous and chic mother, then that might sum it up for you.

It all started when I was a little girl who wanted to paint her nails and model in high heels. Then, came time to go to the hair salon with my mother. I cannot tell you how many hours I spend in that place. Also, there was the nail salon. Although I complain today, at the time, those were my happy places. There was nothing that could compare to sitting for hours watching my mom going from typical 21st century mother and wife to blonde bombshell. It was magical.

Today, as I listened to my boyfriend’s arguments, I couldn’t help but think about how different the male and female perspectives are. To my boyfriend, there is no difference in going to a hair salon or doing it all by yourself in your house. His main argument stands: “Why do women spend hundreds of dollars at a hair salon when it is just for a few hours. You pay for the hair styling, but it doesn’t last”. And it’s true. For those of us who are not born with an amazing bunch of gorgeous locks, it’s better to stay away from any rain, wind or physical activity after we go to the salon as long as it can last.

“On the other side, I can just go to the barber and get the right cut with just $11”, said my boyfriend. I have to understand him, though. At one point, he experienced the same thing women do. He went to a hair salon for a treatment and a better cut. It cost him $25 for a cut and a styling that didn’t last for long. He, at least, tried it.

But for women, the long-lasting relationship with hair salons is far from over. There is something attached from our brains to our hormones that makes us do these crazy things to look great. As much as they complain, we’ll keep on being us. Sorry boys, love us or leave us.



2 thoughts on “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars

  1. La Srta. Pérez says:

    Great column, amazing blog! Keep up the good work!

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